TuxHost offers a free web hosting service. Really free. No counterpart (except to respect the law, obviously).

What do we offer ?


  • 1 Gb
  • 1 Database
  • 3 Hosted domains
  • PHP 7.4 & 8.0


  • 3 e-mail accounts
  • Antispam
  • Webmail

Why ?

Strong supporters of the open source spirit, we believe that a stable and easy to use platform like this one should allow you to host your website easily.
Our offer is particularly intended for individuals who have a personal website or associations that wish to promote their activity.

The community spirit is very present in the values of TuxHost. We are neither a company nor an association but simply a group of motivated people who offer their knowledge. We discovered the internet in its early days, when nothing was easy but mutual help was more common. It’s time for us to do our part.

Because everyone has a different use and a different budget, we think that the free price is the best way to finance the server. So we count on you!